Eclipse Performing Dance Company | In the News & Publicity
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Eclipse Performing Dance Company Publicity

Featured event: ‘Just Breathe’ – April 30, 2014 Cecil Whig


Eclipse Dance Company launches ‘Just Breathe’ campaign – April 9, 2014 Cecil Whig


Eclipse Dance Company launches Just Breathe campaign – March 25, 2015 The Avenue News


Eclipse Dancers Bring ‘Spirit of Christmas’ to Stage – December 18, 2014 Cecil Whig


Christmas Spirit In Full Swing at Milburn Stone – December 11, 2014 Cecil Scene


Repeat performance of ‘Storm’ dance brings new numbers, updated cast – July 25, 2014 Cecil Whig


Eclipse PDC Prepares For Return Engagement Of Storm” – July 14, 2014 Cecil Scene


5th Annual ‘Choose Respect’ Teen Dating Conference to be Held Sunday, Feb. 23 At Silver Spring Event, Theme Will Be Teaching Young Daters and Parents About Healthy Dating Relationships. Montgomery County Council


Eclipse Dance Company Keeps Experienced Dancers Moving – October 9th 2013 Cecil Whig


Thriller Nights Opens On Halloween At Milburn Stone” – October 28th, 2013 Cecil Scene


Next Show for Eclipse Performing Dance Company Sure to be “THRILLER” – August 25th 2013, Cecil Scene


“STORM Finally Arrives, And Wows, At Milburn Stone” – July 28th 2012, Cecil Scene


“A Final Look At Eclipse Performing Dance As The Curtain Rises” – July 24th 2012, Cecil Scene


“Showtime Fast Approaching For Eclipse PDC’s STORM” – July 16th 2012, Cecil Scene


“STORM Approaching, Thanks To Eclipse Performing Dance Company” – June 5th 2012, Cecil Scene


“Keeping Up With Eclipse Performing Dance Company – Wind” – April 17th 2012, Cecil Scene


“Eclipse Performing Dance Company Moves Towards Opening Act” – March 19th 2012, Cecil Scene


“Keeping Up With Eclipse Performing Dance Company” – February 20th 2012, Cecil Scene


“Putting Together The Elements Of Modern Dance” – February 13th 2012, Cecil Scene