Eclipse Performing Dance Company | Just Breathe 2015
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Just Breathe

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

The professional ensemble of Eclipse Performing Dance Company depicts both the beauty and the harsh reality of this sentiment in their latest creation. Just Breathe is an original production motivated by the emotional journey that touches millions of people each year. In the U.S. alone, 8 million people are battling cancer, and each year, 560,000 of them lose that battle. That is more than 1,500 Americans per DAY. For the first time, Eclipse is teaming up with local community organizations to help this important cause. The utterly captivating presentation of Just Breathe will inspire you, give you strength, and astound you. We cannot fight cancer through sheer talent alone, but together, we can encourage those who are battling and provide healing for those who have lost loved ones. We stand together, and together we fight.

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