Eclipse Performing Dance Company | Thriller Nights 2015
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Thriller Nights 2015

This Halloween season brings the unveiling of Eclipse’s Thriller Nights encore production.  Witness Broadway quality entertainment right in our own Cecil County with these stunning professionals!  The stage sets in the haunted Eclipse Manor and journeys through the Cellar, the Sanitarium, the Desecrated Chapel, and the Graveyard.  The interpretation is sensational as you venture through the horrors of this thrilling masterpiece.

As we launch the return of Thriller Nights, you’ll descend into complete captivation with our elite performers, our stunning duets, and our powerful execution.  Eclipse Performing Dance Company members are incredibly skilled adults whose expertise is unmistakable.  Get out of the house and into Cecil College’s Milburn Stone Theatre for this holiday sensation!  Brave the Journey….again….if you dare.

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